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  • How this mod works and What each param does

    0- What I'll describe here?
    What this mod exactly does and why.
    Describing what some of the important params do in the mod.
    1- Why this mod?
    This mod makes the lighting even more realistic. 1.1-How?
    In the real world, the whole thing you see with your eyes is the result of "Tracing Rays". A RayTracing rendering technique tries to calculate lighting just like how the real world does this; Of course, with a lot of biases to keep the performance reasonable! And some of those biases are present in Cyberpunk 2077.
    1.1.1- What are those biases?
    a- Limited "Tracing Radius" for both Diffuse and Specular rays.
    b- Intensive Importance Sampling.
    c- Denoising
    and more...

    a- Tracing Radius - In the real world, light rays travel to...



    if you had to come here to look for this link and miss the fact that it was on the description three times in giant bold red, then um... love you hope someone gives you a kiss on the forehead tonight....


    >> michiko dress set
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Dress_02_basic_01", 1)
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Dress_02_basic_02", 1)
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Dress_02_basic_03", 1)
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Dress_02_rich_01", 1)
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Dress_02_rich_02", 1)
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Dress_02_rich_03", 1)
    >> the (heeled) disco pant set
    !! be sure to have spawn0's `sp0BC_feet1.archive` in your mods folder
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Boots_08_basic_01", 1)
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Boots_08_basic_02", 1)
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Boots_08_old_01", 1)
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Boots_08_old_02", 1)
    Game.AddToInventory("Items.Boots_08_rich_01", 1)
    >> silk ...

  • How to Enable Perk Mod Compatibility


    要使其它专长mod兼容并且仍然保留这个mod的各项更改和修复,所有你需要做的就是禁用这个mod的更改。我已经允许你在"FGR -Perks/init.lua"文件夹下操作了。
    Massacre = true
    Unstoppable =true
    "Massacre = true"和"Unstoppable = true"这两行的意思是我已经启用了这些专长的改变。所有你需要...

  • How to Customize your Game


    打开...\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods。
    在大多数这些文件夹中,于顶部有许多的变量。例如,在"FGR - PlayerStats/init.lua"文件夹下,你能看到这一行
           Player_Sprint_Multiplier= 1.35 --Default is 1

  • cyberpunk 2077 SAVE GAME

    cyberpunk 2077 SAVE GAME...

  • Judy Alvarez Manual Saves

    I really love the story about Valerie and Judy, they r so adorable and breathtaking. I shot tons of photos and drew many fan arts for them, if u r interesting in my works, u can follow me.
    Twitter: @catsigma1
    Tumblr: @catsigma
    Ins: @catsigma1997

    Thanks great Mods creators, they make my photos look awesome.
    Cyber Engine Tweaks:
    Appearance Menu Mod:
    Save Editor:
    2018 E3 Female V:
    ModularJewelry Collection: 
    Earings ...

  • Clothing Items at Vendors

    Here is a list of all the items that spawn at their respective vendors. Just ctrl-f the item you have material swapped with to find out where people can buy it.

    Badlands (Trailer Park) Clothing Vendor:

    { item = "Items.Shorts_05_old_03" forceQuality = "Legendary" },
    { item = "Items.Hat_02_rich_01" forceQuality = "Legendary" },
    { item = "Items.Jacket_10_rich_01" forceQuality = "Legendary" availabilityPrereq = "Vendors.InlandAvenueCredAvailability" },
    { item = "Items.Pants_09_rich_02" forceQuality = "Legendary" availabilityPrereq = "Vendors.InlandAvenueCredAvailability" },
    { item = "Items.TShirt_04_old_01" } : ClothingWare
    { item = "Ite...

  • How to Enable Perk Mod Compatibility

    How to Enable Perk Mod Compatibility

    Please follow the other article for how to customize the init.lua files if you don't know how.

    To enable compatibility for other perk mods, and still keep the various changes and fixes from this one, all that needs to be done is disable the changes in this one. I've allowed you to do this under "FGR/Config/config.txt."

    Open that file up, look for the perks section, and you'll see a bunch of variables that look something like this:

    Massacre true
    Unstoppable true

    The --ANNIHILATION is unimportant, it's just a comment telling you what category the perk is in.

    The lines "Massacre true" and "Unstoppable true" means that the changes I've made to thos...

  • How to Customize your Game

    How to Customize your Game

    Open up ...\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\FGR\modules

    Here, you will see a bunch of files with "FGR" at the front of them, those are the files installed from this mod.

    To edit these files, you just need a text editor like Notepad. Right click on the file to open them up with that.

    In most of these folders, there are a bunch of variables at the top. For instance, under "FGR - Player Stats", you can see the line:

     Player_Sprint_Multiplier = 1.35 --Default is 1

    Ignore anything past the --, that's just information for you.

    If you wanted to change how fast V can sprint, you would increase the number on the right of th...

  • Street Vendors Update 1.1.0

    Street Vendors Update 1.1.0

    The new update is out, this is the first major update of the mod that overhauls how the inventory management of vendors works completely remade from scratch the new system allows for creating a list of items that vendors will be able to choose random items from to sell, it also has a bonus pool which allows them to sell less common items or any other kinds of items.

    When the inventory is generated the program will select at random items from the pool, the selected items will always be unique from each other and it is limited to selecting a smaller amount of items than the pool size, for example, food vendors have a pool of 20 items but they only select 13 items from the pool, after the items are selected they will be given a random quanti...

  • Street Vendors Mod

    Welcome to the Street Vendors Mod this mod will allow you to trade with any street vendors/stand vendors like the game was first intending you to.

    Once you have the mod installed go up to a vendor NPC and press the Action key (F) while looking at them, this will allow you to trade with them.

    The mod is new and there might be bugs, I will also try to get the trades to be better and more balanced.

    Please endorse the mod page if you enjoy it!...

  • WolvenKit Version 8.2

    WolvenKit Version 8.2
    WolvenKit 8.2 brings massive improvements in key areas. Features such as the Asset Browser have been refactored to be more robust and efficient. This build also features the first scalable content pipeline for importing various assets. Be sure to thoroughly read the Release Notes and check the showcase video!

    UI overhaul
    Fast game asset loading
    Better modding workflow
    Import/Export tools for modifying textures, meshes etc
    File, Texture, Mesh, Audio and Video previews
    Performance improvements Fixed
    Many bug fixes, see the changelog for details 

  • Technical investigation details on Radio Companion Experiment

    1. Moving Device/Radio class objects investigation: seems Devices are somewhat linked to area and moving them is restricted by game engine, when reaching the area border the radio stops teleporting and GameObject.OnDetach() callback method is called for the radio then it's gone.
    TODO: check if updating radio blackboard and persistent state with the updated position helps for de-spawning.

    2. Spawning a Radio object investigation: TLDR: currently (v1.22) seems not possible with scripting interfaces:

    Spawning a NPCPuppet class object or Item class object is not a problem; example spawning a drone as NPC companion:

    let offsetDir: Vector3 = Vector4.Vector4To3(this.GetWorldForward());



  • Nomad male V save-file in Cyberpunk 2077.

    Nomad male V save-file in Cyberpunk 2077....

  • Nomad female V save-file in Cyberpunk 2077.

    A save-file for my Nomad female V in Cyberpunk 2077....

  • Answer to some questions and how this works.

    Ray Tracing is a heavy task and needs a lot of your GPU's power. Also unlike Rasterizing (the traditional rendering method), it produces a lot of high-frequency noises. The general solution to reduce this noise is to sample more rays per pixel. But as it's already heavy for real-time rendering, It's possible in games and they are all limited to only one sample per pixel or even one sample per 2 or 4 pixels! So the second solution should be used. Denoising. Denoising is a process of blending each pixel with its neighbour pixels so the overall sample count is the sum of all samples in all blended pixels. This easily reduces noise to near zero. But as it "Blends each pixel with its neighbors" it means it also blurs the result on flat surfaces. Using a more aggressive denoiser means less noise...